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The Digression Podcast

Chris and Jody are Air Force vets who enjoy military history and folklore. This is their podcast. They tell stories. They digress. A lot.

Apr 30, 2021

The "Go-To" Service; Space Systems Command finds a home; Colorado jumps the gun; The real Space Force update; SECDEF defines extremism; Still not leaving Afghanistan; Pentagon touts transgender docs; military not ready; Why does God need a starship?; ACC's new alignment is old news; Disney (did not) help Thunderbirds create new airshow; Avenger ditches at Cocoa Beach; West Point cheaters; Army super soldiers; Soldiers earn Nordic badge in desert; Stop staring at my breasts; Navy Lt rags on enlisted; Greatest beer run ever!; Coast Guardsmen make olympic team; Burn pit advocate dies; WWI Memorial opens in D.C.; D-Day survivor passes.

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